Welcome To Clean View

Clean View provides professional cleaning services within the Sydney CBD and greater Sydney areas. We are committed to the highest standards of excellence to meet or exceed your cleaning expectations.

By offering a customised cleaning service package, we aim to meet a wide variety of cleaning needs. Clean View also utilises the most advanced cleaning equipment to ensure your property is treated with the utmost care.

With Clean View you can trust that your home and/or business will be taken care of by a reliable and professional team that ticks all the boxes that you want from a trusted and reliable cleaning company.

Why Choose Clean View As Your Property Service Provider?

Criminal Check
All our cleaners are certified with a National Police History Check Report.
The Working With Children Check
The Working With Children Check is a prerequisite for all our cleaners engaging any type of work with Clean View. The check ensures the worker has a clearance to conduct work where children are present. A Working With Children Check includes a national police check and review of findings of misconduct involving children. The only way to accurately determine a person’s clearance status is by verifying their Working With Children Check online. Paper evidence of a clearance should not be accepted.
Key Security
Access to your property in your absence by providing alarm codes and keys to cleaners can be very dangerous and costly.
All staff are properly screened, and our security standards are much higher than the average cleaning company.
Your keys and alarm codes are kept under complete control, which are key registered, signed and used by only the specified cleaner entering your property or Operations Manager should you choose.
Our company maintains an updated Key Security Log Book and keys and alarm codes will not be tagged which identifies the location of your property, for peace of mind.
Fully Insured
Clean View is insured with W.R. Berkley Insurance Australia one of the worlds most professional and reputable insurance companies. All our employees carry out their work with confidence in knowing that they and their clients are protected.
Operating In A Sustainable Way
We are dedicated to operating in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way to ensure we minimise carbon emissions output and reduce our environmental footprint. This is why we use eco-friendly products wherever possible.
Quality Assurance Checklist
To guarantee the highest level of cleaning services, we provide our clients with a unique cleaning program, which includes a Quality Assurance Checklist, detailed systems and safety procedures. Our focus is on delivering a range of quality-customised services with competitive rates for clients who demand the best. We make every effort to communicate with each and every client on a regular basis to assess our performance and your experience.
The Recruitment Process
All employees undergo a stern recruitment process, which includes face-to-face interviews, drug and alcohol testing and pre employment screening. Our aim is to provide you with team members who suit your requirements and with whom you feel comfortable. We will also work to ensure that if your cleaner is ever unavailable for any reason that we are able to provide a replacement if required..
Uniform And Equipment
Our uniform also consists of wearing gloves, goggles, dust masks and plastic foot-ware covers to prevent the spread and placement of external germs. All of our vacuums have non-scratch soft padded wheels and bristles that prevent your precious wooden floors and tiles from scratches.
Affiliated Association Member
We are a recogonised and endorsed company through FMA Australia which represents professionals involved in the strategic and operational management of facilities for both public and private sector organisations throughout Australia.
Up-To-Date With Current Workplace Policies And OHS Legislations
We demonstrate responsible measures to ensure that we are up-to-date with current workplace policies and OHS legislations. We coordinate maintenance checks by regularly cleaning and sanitising of all our equipment.


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