About Us

A Cleaning Company You Can Rely On

Clean View provides experienced cleaners and only uses the highest quality cleaning products within your home or business. We are committed to our customers and pride ourselves on excellent customer satisfaction and you can rely on us to be on time, every time.


Dedicated to operating in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way, we aim to minimise carbon emissions output and reduce our environmental footprint. Our sustainability strategy is aimed at shifting our philosophy towards sustainability from a compliance‐driven approach, to one that is strategically and culturally embedded within the organisation.

Use Of Equipment And Chemicals

We use the most effective cleaning products and equipment on the market including environmentally friendly products free from harsh chemicals, which we use wherever possible.


Our employees are cleaning professionals who are thorough, efficient and work as a team and enjoy what they do.

Client Satisfaction

We are dedicated to provide a quality service to our clients each and every day. Our primary goal is to satisfy our clients by maintaining a high standard of service and performance at all times. We make it so that by keeping your property clean is one less thing you need to worry about.


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