Safety & Security

We Take Safety Issues Seriously

Our cleaners are properly trained to prevent physical hazards for the public and workers alike. Slips and falls, ergonomic injuries, accidents with machines, falls while climbing are all taken into consideration when training employees.

Chemical Hazards: Clean View minimises potential chemical hazards by substituting less toxic products for traditional ones. When this is not possible, our cleaners wear gloves and goggles and ensure that work areas are supplied with fresh air. Clean View trains staff in the proper handling of chemicals to prevent eye and skin injuries, respiratory irritation and injury and chemical spills. Our staff are also trained in how to handle a situation in which one of these hazards takes place.

Employee Training: All staff undergo a safety training program and are provided with safety manuals and MSDS sheets for the chemicals that are used, so that it lowers the chances of injury. Clean View also takes further steps towards hazard prevention by reducing chemical use, and using low hazardous and most effective chemicals.

We Take Security Issues Seriously

One of the most important points you must consider before hiring a cleaning company is how reliable they are. You have trust in the company that will send someone with access to your property. Clean View employees are carefully screened and evaluated by experienced professionals before they are hired.

Criminal Police Check: Our company process includes face-to-face interviews, police background checks, work history and identification checks as well as stringent reference checking. Clean View Australia Pty Ltd is registered and certified with the Personal Risk Management Group.

Key Security: Access to your property in your absence by providing alarm codes and keys to cleaners can be very dangerous and costly.
All staff are properly screened, and our security standards are much higher than the average cleaning company.
Your keys and alarm codes are kept under complete control, which are key registered, signed and used by only the specified cleaner entering your property or Operations Manager should you choose.
Our company maintains an updated Key Security Log Book and keys and alarm codes will not be tagged which identifies the location of your property, for peace of mind.

The Working With Children Check: This is a prerequisite for all our cleaners engaging any type of work with Clean View. The check ensures the worker has a clearance to conduct work where children are present. The Working With Children Check includes a national police check and review of findings of misconduct involving children. Clean View Australia Pty Ltd is registered with The Working With Children NSW Commission.


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