Blinds Cleaning

Clean View uses a revolutionary method of cleaning your blinds called Ultrasonic.

Ultrasonic has the ability to not only clean the surfaces of items, but also penetrate into the difficult to clean internal and crevice areas. It is safe, gentle and no dangerous chemicals or moving parts are involved in the cleaning process. Ultrasonic will not scratch pit or damage items the way that conventional cleaning methods do and is the ideal and only method to a super clean blind.

Within our ultrasonic cleaning tanks, transducers create sound waves at 40,000 cycles per second. These sound waves produce microscopic bubbles that implode not explode creating a vacuum that pulls dirt particles from your blinds. Because these bubbles are so small, every nook and cranny is cleaned, along with the most stubborn dirt and stains.

The tiny bubbles penetrate and gently lift dirt, dust, grease, mold, nicotine, bacteria, pollen and other allergy irritants so well restoring old blinds to a new condition.

Not only does ultrasonic cleaning improve the appearance of your blinds, but our process improves the quality of your home or office environment as well.


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