Carpet Steam Cleaning

Clean View will give your carpets the allover clean they need with our 6-step process delivering quality results and maximising the life of your carpet. We are able to dry clean your carpet using touch dry technology methods. This technique wont leave your carpets saturated which is common practice within the carpet cleaning industry.

We use carpet cleaning equipment of the highest standards and quality to remove stains, brighten your carpet and return it to excellent condition.

1) Thorough Vacuuming: Our technician will thoroughly vacuum your carpet edge to edge, corner to corner with a professional HEPA-filtered vacuum to remove loose soil, debris and unwanted dust.

2) Pretreat With Spot & Stain Remover: The next process is to pretreat your carpet to help loosen soil, specifically targeting high traffic stained areas. This is a necessary step to remove deep-down soil and hard to remove stains.

3) Carpet Shampoo Extraction: We will then extract your carpet using professional equipment that injects a shampoo treatment followed by a hot water rinse cleaning solution onto your carpet, which is then extracted along with dirt and soil. This method is considered ‘deep cleaning’. Your carpet will be returned to a neutral pH level, so it doesn’t feel sticky or rough to touch.

4) Dust Mite & Flea Control Anti Allergen Solution: Included in the carpet cleaning process, we apply a Dust Mite & Flea Control Anti Allergen Solution for a happier, healthier living experience.

5) Urine & Odour Treatment: By using such a high quality product we can remove the most stubborn of odours and stains from cigarette smoke to animal urine.

6) Air Freshener: The final process is applying our natural plant based air freshener leaving your carpet smelling fresh and of course natural. Our plant based air fresheners are 99.9% natural therefore it’s safe to spray in every room of the house and there’s no need to be concerned about breathing in nasty chemicals.

Carpets are a big investment for both home and commercial buyers. But throughout time they absorb all the debris, soils, and dust from the air which damage your carpet. In order to maintain your carpet, it is recommended that a continued maintenance schedule be considered every 12 months.


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