Water Jet Blasting

Clean View provides all round residential and commercial cleaning services, and water jet blasting is one of them. We provide high pressure cleaning services with state of the art equipment, including “super suckers” for fluid removal and for a number of applications.

We provide once-off or regular water jet blasting on surfaces that have been permeated by oils and toxic chemicals. Our highly trained staff know how much pressure, which nozzle, which cleaning fluid will be required to clean the surface and how much waste there will be as a result of the cleaning process.

We also use water jet blasting on spills. Not only does Clean View ensure that the spilled product is safely and effectively removed, but that the site is returned to its pre-spill condition. We are committed to minimising both harm to the environment and health and safety risks.

Clean View staff can water jet blast houses, strata complexes, commercial buildings, pavements and driveways, walls, floors, roofs and stone surfaces.


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