Strata Cleaning

Are you looking for strata cleaning services for your apartment complex or building? Strata cleaning can be a challenging job, as it often involves specialist tasks both inside and outside the building. Clean View offers strata cleaning to meet all your cleaning and maintenance needs, so you don’t have to rush around trying to deal with different service providers, and arranging access and logistics.

Keeping an apartment building or complex well cleaned and maintained can help retain the value of the property. There is often a lot of wear and tear on strata buildings due to a high volume of traffic, and we understand your need for a high quality cleaning service.

When you contact us, we will match your requirements with our strata cleaning team that has the expertise and skills best suited to your needs. As well as general strata cleaning, we can take on many of the more specialist tasks involved in maintaining and cleaning a strata building.

Environmental sustainability is important to us, and we will endeavour to use the most environmentally sustainable cleaning solutions we have available for your strata building.


Contact us to book a cleaning service today.