Tree Removal

Clean View offers customers a complete range of services to protect and prepare your property for consistent maintenance, selling or development. We use the latest equipment to ensure your work is accomplished quickly, safely and expertly.

We operate power equipment for reaching the top branches and then lifting heavy pieces of trunk and disposing of all parts of a tree we take down. Our field teams make fast work of tree removal, and of disposal of the downed tree.

We get the job out of the way efficiently, so that clearing work can continue, new trees can be planted or transplanted, and any disruption on your property smoothly ends. If we’re providing service after storm damage, our efficiency lets other repair crews get on with fixing damage to your property.

Tree Removal

This consists of the removal of unwanted, dying, or dead trees. If we can help you save the tree, our arborist expertise is utilized. Once removed, we can chip up the tree, grind the stump and even fill in the area of the stump grinding for an additional charge. We can leave the chips and wood if requested.

Stump Grinding

A stump can be hazardous when left intact. It will invariably become infested with insects, and no one wants termites that near to their home or building. People trip over stumps, children fall off them, and cars back into them.

We work with a professional stump grinder to have unsafe, unsightly stumps removed from your property quickly and promptly. It completes the process of having a tree removed, frees that patch of soil for replanting or transplanting a tree, and it clears the way for a walkway or driveway. Any number of stumps can be removed to clear a property and to prepare for new construction.


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